Tier Power Systems, Inc. is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of custom Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution Product Solutions, Integrated Power Distribution Centers, Custom Control Products, along with Skid and Containerized Power Distribution. With a staff accumulating over 65 years of critical industry experience, Tier Power Systems, Inc. is producing the highest quality products for the most demanding applications.

We have a full offering of standard products along with complete custom design service. Tier Power Systems, Inc. has the design and engineering capabilities necessary to provide our customers with a virtually endless array of custom product possibilities. Coupled with our best in the Industry lead times, this makes Tier Power Systems, Inc. the ideal choice for all of your electrical power distribution equipment needs.

Our Philosophy

Tier Power Systems is a leader in the innovation of critical electrical power distribution and control products. Our ability to look beyond industry boundaries and the status quo puts us on the leading edge of innovation in our industry.

By thinking differently, and asking the question “Why?”, enables us to always be innovating. To innovate is to change, and to change is to disrupt. All great advances are due to this disruption, and we are at the forefront of disrupting the Critical Electrical Distribution and Control Industries.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently. In doing so, we are able to make our products user friendly, easy-to-use, and fluently designed. We just happen to be a Critical Electrical Distribution and Controls Company.

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