Tier Power Systems iQ Series is a leader in switchgear technology. iQ Series provides advanced power distribution technology and safety in a fast, flexible, cost-effective integrated system.


Designed to incorporate a variety of protection features, iQ Series has no ventilation openings in front of the equipment. Front and rear doors/panels and doors are manufactured in 11GA and 14GA steel for NEMA Type 1 ratings and tested and UL Listed in compliance with ANSI standards.

Modularity and Flexibility

Each section of iQ Series has been designed with horizontal splice plates for easy to install side-by-side line-ups. Doors and panels are all optional, allowing custom designs. The modular design provides flexibility of line up configurations applicable for a variety of applications.

Optimized Footprint

The iQ Series has one of the smallest footprints in the market, offering the possibility to install circuit breakers up to 2000A in 18", up to 3200A in 22" and up to 5000A in 38" wide 4 compartment high sections. It is available in optional depths of 72" and 84". Horizontal bus and vertical riser ratings are available from 2000A to 5000A in all section depths.

Power Management and Connectivity

The iQ Series uses ABB Emax 2 low voltage circuit breaker protection trip units which are divided into two families: Ekip for distribution protection and Ekip G for generator protection. Exclusive functions such as the Ekip Power Controller and Network Analyzer complete the range, enabling power management and analysis of energy quality. Integrated IEC61850 communication module further enables connection to automation systems widely used in medium voltage power distribution to create intelligent networks (smart grids). All Emax 2 circuit breakers with Ekip Touch or Ekip Hi-Touch trip units can be equipped with communications for a variety of industrial protocols.


Fully integrated Controls, Power Monitoring, Generator Paralleling, and Switching Schemes as a complete turnkey solution.

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